3_mQ Test Modes

005: Commissioning with A/C or Heat Pump: Cooling (80 min)

This series will cover the principles of commissioning, evacuation practices, mQ commissioning projects, Benchmarking, working with cloud based data and managing projects.
  • Welcome to the Commissioning Equipment Training Series
  • Residential System Commissioning (HVAC School) (32 min)
  • Best Practices Vacuum On Location (9 min)
  • Commissioning using A/C or Heat Pump: Cooling (22 min)
  • Introduction to the "Benchmark"
  • Benchmarking in mQ (7 min)
  • The Cloud Icon
  • Working with Cloud Based Projects (4 min)
  • Managing Projects in mQ (3 min)
  • Congratulations
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed